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Component: Certificates

X509 Certificates and PKCS12 file handling.

Name Description Mac/Win Version
PKCS12.CA Queries certificate with given index. All 7.0
PKCS12.CACount Queries number of other certificates. All 7.0
PKCS12.Cert Queries the X509 certificate in the PKCS12 file. All 7.0
PKCS12.PKey Queries the private key from the PKCS12 file. All 7.0
PKCS12.ReadFromContainer Not yet documented All 7.0
PKCS12.ReadFromFile Reads certificate and private key from a PKCS12 file. All 7.0
PKCS12.Release Releases the PKCS12 from memory. All 7.0
PKey.Bits Queries number of bits of key. All 7.0
PKey.DescriptionPrivateKey Describes the private key. All 7.0
PKey.DescriptionPublicKey Describes the public key. All 7.0
PKey.GetPrivateKey Queries private key as PEM file text. All 7.0
PKey.GetPublicKey Queries public key as PEM file text. All 7.0
PKey.Release Releases the private key from memory. All 7.0
PKey.Type Queries the type of key. All 7.0
X509.Description Provides a description of the certificate. All 7.0
X509.Duplicate Creates a copy of the certificate. All 7.0
X509.IssuerName The issuer name. All 7.0
X509.Name The name of the certificate. All 7.0
X509.Read Reads a PEM certificate from text. All 7.0
X509.ReadFromContainer Reads a certificate from a container value. All 7.0
X509.ReadFromFile Reads a certificate from a PEM file. All 7.0
X509.Release Releases the certificate from memory. All 7.0
X509.SerialNumber Queries the serial number. All 7.0
X509.SubjectName The subject name. All 7.0
X509.Version Queries the version of the file. All 7.0

25 functions.

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