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New in version 7.0

Name Description Mac/Win
CURL.GetBatchCurrentFileName Queries current file name. All
CURL.GetBatchCurrentFilePath Queries current file path. All
CURL.GetBatchDestinationPath Queries destination path. All
CURL.GetBatchFileNames Queries list of file names downloaded. All
CURL.SetBatchDestinationPath Sets the destination path for batch downloads. All
DynaPDF.AddAnnotToPage Adds an annotation to a page. All
DynaPDF.EndTemplate This function closes an open template. All
DynaPDF.GetContent Queries content stream of the currently open page or template. All
DynaPDF.GetLinkHighlightMode Returns the current highlight mode used for newly created annotations. All
DynaPDF.ImportEncryptionSettings Imports the encryption settings from the currently open import file. All
DynaPDF.PageLinkEx Adds a page link to the current open page. All
DynaPDF.Print.GetDevMode Queries device mode. Win only
DynaPDF.Print.GetDevNames Queries device names. Win only
DynaPDF.Print.SetDevMode Sets device mode. Win only
DynaPDF.Print.SetDevNames Sets device names. Win only
DynaPDF.ResetEncryptionSettings Resets the encryption settings which were imported from an external PDF file so that the PDF file in memory can be saved unencrypted. All
DynaPDF.RotateTemplate Rotates a template. All
DynaPDF.SetContent Replaces the content stream of the currently open page or template with a new one. All
DynaPDF.SetLinkHighlightMode Sets the highlight mode that is used by link annotations. All
DynaPDF.WatermarkAnnot Creates a Watermark annotation. All
FM.AllowFileDragDrop Installs fix for file drag and drop problem. Mac only
FM.SQL.CSV Queries text of SQL result for CSV export. All
FM.SQL.Text Queries text of SQL result. All
GMImage.DestroyAll Destroys all images. All
LDAP.AddRecord Adds an entry to a tree. Mac/Win/Linux
LDAP.ModifyRecord Changes an existing entry. Mac/Win/Linux
PKCS12.CA Queries certificate with given index. All
PKCS12.CACount Queries number of other certificates. All
PKCS12.Cert Queries the X509 certificate in the PKCS12 file. All
PKCS12.PKey Queries the private key from the PKCS12 file. All
PKCS12.ReadFromContainer Reads certificate and private key from a PKCS12 file in container. All
PKCS12.ReadFromFile Reads certificate and private key from a PKCS12 file. All
PKCS12.Release Releases the PKCS12 from memory. All
PKey.Bits Queries number of bits of key. All
PKey.DescriptionPrivateKey Describes the private key. All
PKey.DescriptionPublicKey Describes the public key. All
PKey.GetPrivateKey Queries private key as PEM file text. All
PKey.GetPublicKey Queries public key as PEM file text. All
PKey.Release Releases the private key from memory. All
PKey.Type Queries the type of key. All
PortMidi.GetDeviceID Queries the ID of the device the stream is connected to. Mac/Win
PortMidi.GetDeviceName Queries the name of the device the stream is connected to. Mac/Win
PortMidi.TimeStamp Queries current time stamp. Mac/Win
PrintDialog.GetPageNumberingOffset Queries page numbering offset. Mac only
PrintDialog.GetReset Query whether to reset print settings. Mac only
PrintDialog.SetPageNumberingOffset Sets page numbering offset to use. Mac only
PrintDialog.SetReset Sets whether to reset print settings. Mac only
SerialPort.HasLine Checks if a line is available. Mac/Win
SerialPort.ReadLine Reads a line of text from serial port. Mac/Win
SmartCard.PerformSignature Performs signature. Mac/Win
SmartCard.ReadCertificate Reads certificate for smart cards. Mac/Win
WordFile.RemoveTableRow Removes a table row containing a placeholder. All
X509.Description Provides a description of the certificate. All
X509.Duplicate Creates a copy of the certificate. All
X509.IssuerName The issuer name. All
X509.Name The name of the certificate. All
X509.Read Reads a PEM certificate from text. All
X509.ReadFromContainer Reads a certificate from a container value. All
X509.ReadFromFile Reads a certificate from a PEM file. All
X509.Release Releases the certificate from memory. All
X509.SerialNumber Queries the serial number. All
X509.SubjectName The subject name. All
X509.Version Queries the version of the file. All
XML.ClearVariables Clears the variables. All
XML.ExtractText Extracts the text from the XML tree. All
XML.GetAttribute Queries text of an attribute. All
XML.HasAttribute Queries whether an attribute exists. All
XML.ListAttributes Lists attribute names. All
XML.NodeCount Counts nodes with given name. All
XML.NodeNames Queries list of node names in an XML. All
XML.SetVariables Creates local variables in script for XML nodes. All
XML.SubTree Extracts a given subtree. All

73 functions.

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