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Component: Dictionary

Key/Value map to store values. An assoziative array preserving data types.

Name Description Mac/Win Version
Dictionary.AddSQL Adds values to a dictionary via SQL. All 5.1
Dictionary.Clear Clears the dictionary content. All 5.0
Dictionary.Clone Creates a clone of the dictionary. All 6.1
Dictionary.Count Returns number of keys in the dictionary. All 5.0
Dictionary.Create Creates a new dictionary. All 5.0
Dictionary.Deserialize Restores a serialized dictionary. All 5.2
Dictionary.HasKey Checks if the given key exists in dictionary. All 5.0
Dictionary.KeyAtIndex Returns key with given index. All 5.0
Dictionary.Keys Returns list with all keys. All 5.0
Dictionary.List Returns list of all dictionary IDs. All 5.2
Dictionary.Release Releases dictionary and all memory used. All 5.0
Dictionary.RemoveKey Removes value with given key. All 5.0
Dictionary.Serialize Serialized a dictionary as a text. All 5.2
Dictionary.SetList Fills dictionary with keys and values form a list. All 6.2
Dictionary.SetValueForKey Stores value for given key. All 5.0
Dictionary.SetVariables Creates variables with given keys and value from dictionary. All 5.1
Dictionary.ToJSON Returns JSON representation of dictionary for data exchange. All 6.1
Dictionary.ToText Returns text representation of dictionary for data exchange. All 6.1
Dictionary.ToXML Returns XML representation of dictionary for data exchange. All 6.1
Dictionary.ValueForKey Queries value for the key. All 5.0
Dictionary.ValueTypeForKey Queries data type of the value for the key. All 5.1
Dictionary.Values Returns list with all values as text. All 5.1

22 functions.

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