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New in version 5.0

Name Description Mac/Win
Barcode.EANChecksum Calculates checksum for EAN barcodes. All
Barcode.ISBNChecksum Calculates checksum for ISBN barcodes. All
Clipboard.GetRTFText Queries styled text from clipboard as RTF. Mac/Win/iOS
Clipboard.GetStyledText Queries styled text from clipboard. Mac/iOS
Clipboard.SetRTFText Puts RTF data on the clipboard. Mac/Win/iOS
Clipboard.SetStyledText Put styled text on the clipboard. Mac/iOS
Dictionary.Clear Clears the dictionary content. All
Dictionary.Count Returns number of keys in the dictionary. All
Dictionary.Create Creates a new dictionary. All
Dictionary.HasKey Checks if the given key exists in dictionary. All
Dictionary.KeyAtIndex Returns key with given index. All
Dictionary.Keys Returns list with all keys. All
Dictionary.Release Releases dictionary and all memory used. All
Dictionary.RemoveKey Removes value with given key. All
Dictionary.SetValueForKey Stores value for given key. All
Dictionary.ValueForKey Queries value for the key. All
DynaPDF.BeginLayer The function opens a layer in the current open page or template. All
DynaPDF.BeginPattern This function creates a new tiling pattern. All
DynaPDF.BeginTemplate The function creates a template and opens it so that arbitrary contents can be drawn into it. All
DynaPDF.ChangeAnnotName Changes or deletes the optional unique name of an annotation. All
DynaPDF.ChangeAnnotPos Changes the position and size of an annotation. All
DynaPDF.ChangeLinkAnnot Changes the link of a file link or web link annotation. All
DynaPDF.CircleAnnot Draws a circle annotation on the current open page. All
DynaPDF.DeleteAcroForm The function deletes a maybe existing Interactive Form. All
DynaPDF.DeleteActionFromObjEx This function deletes an action from a PDF object. All
DynaPDF.DeleteAnnotation Deletes an annotation. All
DynaPDF.DeleteEmbeddedFile The function deletes an embedded file. All
DynaPDF.DeleteField This function deletes an interactive form field. All
DynaPDF.DeleteFieldEx Deletes a field by name. All
DynaPDF.DeleteJavaScripts Deletes all global Javascripts. All
DynaPDF.DeletePageLabels Deletes all page labels contained in the current open document, if any. All
DynaPDF.DeleteSeparationInfo Deletes the separation of the current open page. All
DynaPDF.DeleteTemplate Deletes a template. All
DynaPDF.DeleteTemplateEx Deletes a template by using an index instead of a template handle. All
DynaPDF.DeleteXFAForm Deletes a maybe existing XFA form (XML based form) if any. All
DynaPDF.Ellipse Draws an ellipse. All
DynaPDF.EndLayer Closes a layer that was opened by DynaPDF.BeginLayer. All
DynaPDF.EndPattern Closes an open pattern. All
DynaPDF.FileAttachAnnot Inserts a file attachment annotation on the current open page. All
DynaPDF.FindLinkAnnot Searches for a file link or web link annotation. All
DynaPDF.FreeTextAnnot Creates a Free Text annotation. All
DynaPDF.GetAnnotCount Returns the number of annotations currently used in the document. All
DynaPDF.GetAnnotFlags Returns the default flags used for newly created annotations. All
DynaPDF.GetAnnotType Returns the type of a specific annotation. All
DynaPDF.GetAnnotation Queries details about an annotation. All
DynaPDF.GetAscent Returns the ascender of the active font. All
DynaPDF.GetCMapCount Returns the number of available CMap files. All
DynaPDF.GetColorSpaceCount Returns the number of color space objects which are used in the current document. All
DynaPDF.GetDocInfoCount Returns the number of document info entries defined in the document. All
DynaPDF.GetInDocInfoCount Queries number of document info in import file. All
DynaPDF.GetJavaScriptCount Returns the number of global JavaScripts contained in a document. All
DynaPDF.GetPageAnnotCount eturns the number of annotations which are used by a page. The page must be opened with EditPage() before the function can be used. The annotations of the page can be accessed with GetAnnotEx(). All
DynaPDF.GetPageAnnotation Queries details about an annotation on current open page. All
DynaPDF.GetPageFieldCount Returns the number of fields used by a page. All
DynaPDF.GetPageLabel Retrieves the properties of a page label. All
DynaPDF.GetPageLabelCount Returns the number of page labels defined in the document. All
DynaPDF.GetPageNum Returns the page number of the currently open page. All
DynaPDF.GetTemplHeight Returns the height of a template. All
DynaPDF.GetTemplWidth Returns the width of a template. All
DynaPDF.GetTextWidth Computes the width of a text string. All
DynaPDF.GetTransparentColor Returns the transparent color value that is used for newly inserted images. All
DynaPDF.GetTrapped Returns the trapped key of the document. All
DynaPDF.GetUseExactPwd Queries if exact password is needed to unlock PDF. All
DynaPDF.GetUseGlobalImpFiles Queries if global import files are used. All
DynaPDF.GetUseVisibleCoords Queries whether DynaPDF should consider the crop box to calculate the position of an object. All
DynaPDF.HighlightAnnot Creates a Highlight annotation. All
DynaPDF.IsColorPage Checks whether a page is a color page or if all graphic elements of the page use black & white only. All
DynaPDF.IsEmptyPage Checks whether a page is empty. All
DynaPDF.LineAnnot Creates a line annotation. All
DynaPDF.LockLayer Adds a layer to the list of locked layers. All
DynaPDF.RenderPDFFile Renders whole PDF file in current PDF to an image. All
DynaPDF.SetAnnotBorderStyle Sets or changes the border style of an annotation. All
DynaPDF.SetAnnotBorderWidth Sets or changes the border width of an annotation. All
DynaPDF.SetAnnotColor Sets or changes the color of an annotation. All
DynaPDF.SetAnnotDate Sets or changes the creation or modification date of an annotation. All
DynaPDF.SetAnnotFlags Sets the default flags used for new annotations. All
DynaPDF.SetAnnotFlagsEx Sets or changes the flags of an annotation. All
DynaPDF.SetAnnotHighlightMode Sets or changes the highlight mode of a link annotation. All
DynaPDF.SetAnnotIcon Sets or changes the icon of a text annotation. All
DynaPDF.SetAnnotLineEndStyle Sets or changes the line end styles of a Line or PolyLine Annotation. All
DynaPDF.SetAnnotOpenState Sets the open state of a markup or PopUp annotation. All
DynaPDF.SetAnnotString Sets, changes, or deletes a string of an annotation. All
DynaPDF.SetAnnotSubject Sets or changes the optional subject string of an annotation. All
DynaPDF.SetFieldDate Sets or changes the creation or modification date of a field. All
DynaPDF.SetTransparentColor Sets the transparent color which is used for newly inserted images. All
DynaPDF.SetTrapped Sets the trapped key of the document. All
DynaPDF.SetUseExactPwd Whether to require exact passwords. All
DynaPDF.SetUseGlobalImpFiles Sets whether to use global import file. All
DynaPDF.SetUseVisibleCoords Wether DynaPDF should consider the crop box to calculate to position of an object. All
DynaPDF.SquareAnnot Draws a square annotation on the current open page. All
DynaPDF.StampAnnot Creates a stamp annotation. All
DynaPDF.TextAnnot Creates a text annotation. All
DynaPDF.UnLockLayer Removes a layer from the list of locked layers. All
DynaPDF.WriteDemoText Writes a demo text like the DynaPDF demo watermark. All
FM.RunDataDesignReport Performs a data design report automatically. Mac/Win
FM.StopScriptIdle Stops any idle timer. All
Files.DiskInfo Queries information about a volume. All
GMImage.FindColorInColumn Locates first pixel in the column with given color. All
GMImage.FindColorInRow Locates first pixel in the row with given color. All
GMImage.ImageCount Queries number of open images. All
GMImage.MultiplyChannel Multiplies all values in a channel. All
GMImage.PurgeTemporaryFiles Asks GraphicsMagick to purge all temp files. All
HotKey.GetScriptFileName Queries filename of script to call in case of event. Mac/Win
HotKey.GetScriptName Queries name of script to call in case of event. Mac/Win
HotKey.Register Registers a global hot key based on the virtual key code and modifiers. Mac/Win
HotKey.SetScript Sets which script to call if hotkey is pressed. Mac/Win
HotKey.Unregister Unregisters a hotkey and frees resources. Mac/Win
Is64bit Checks if platform is 64bit or 32bit. All
List.BestMatch Looks for best match of a text in a list of texts. All
ListDialog.GetAllowEmptySelection Queries whether empty selection is allowed. Mac/Win
ListDialog.SetAllowEmptySelection Sets whether empty selection is allowed. Mac/Win
MountNotification.Install Installs a script trigger to be called when a disk mounts/unmounts. Mac/Win
MountNotification.Uninstall Uninstalls notification for mount script trigger. Mac/Win
MovieView.PauseDelayed Pauses a video later. Mac only
MovieView.SetCurrentTime Sets position of the movie. Mac only
PDFKit.AddEmptyPage Adds an empty page to the given PDF document. Mac/iOS
PDFKit.AddImagePage Adds a new page to PDF document with given image. Mac/iOS
PDFKit.GetPDFPageValue Queries a page property. Mac/iOS
PDFKit.NewPDFDocument Creates a new empty PDF and returns a PDF Reference value. Mac/iOS
Path.FilePathToFileURL Converts a file path to a local file URL. All
Path.FileURLToFilePath Converts a file URL to a local file path. All
Plugin.BuildNumber Queries the build number of the plugin. All
PrintDialog.GetPaperName Queries printer name. Mac only
PrintDialog.SetPaperName Sets paper name. Mac only
PrintDialog.SetPrintType Sets what FileMaker will print. Mac only
QTMovie.FormatTime Formats a time value. Mac only
QTMovie.ParseTime Parses a time value. Mac only
QTMovie.StopDelayed Pauses a video later. Mac only
QuickList.AddList Adds a list of values to a quick list. All
QuickList.AddQuickList Adds the content of second list to first list. All
QuickList.BestMatch Looks for best match of a text in a list of texts. All
QuickList.HasValue Checks whether a list contains a given value. All
QuickList.Remove Removes the value with the given index. All
QuickList.RemoveValue Removes a value from a quick list. All
SerialPort.GetParity Queries parity setting. Mac/Win
SerialPort.GetStopBits Queries number of stop bits. Mac/Win
SerialPort.SetParity Sets parity setting. Mac/Win
SerialPort.SetStopBits Sets number of stop bits. Mac/Win
SystemInfo.HostDNSName Queries the domain name for the host name. All
TAPI.GetCallStateScriptFileName Queries the file name set for state changes on calls. Win only
TAPI.GetCallStateScriptName Queries the script name set for state changes on calls. Win only
TAPI.GetNewCallScriptFileName Queries the file name set for new calls. Win only
TAPI.GetNewCallScriptName Queries the script name set for new calls. Win only
TAPI.ListenOnAddress Asks the plugin to check for one address and wait for calls. Win only
TAPI.Release Releases one call and all it's resources used by the plugin. Win only
TAPI.ReleaseAll Releases all calls known by the plugin. Win only
TAPI.SetCallStateScript Sets which script to call when a call changes state. Win only
TAPI.SetNewCallScript Sets which script to call when a new call is detected. Win only
TAPI.Transfer Transfers the current call to the destination address. Win only
Trace.AreErrorNotificationsEnabled Checks whether error notifications are enabled. Mac only
Trace.DisableErrorNotifications Disables error notifications. Mac only
Trace.EnableErrorNotifications Enable error notifications. Mac only
WebView.Cookies.ClearForURL Deletes all cookies for a given website. Mac only
WebView.Cookies.Count Queries number of cookies. Mac only
WebView.Cookies.Query Queries a property of a cookie. Mac only
WebView.GetFormattedText Queries the current text of the document. Mac/iOS
WebView.GetIcon Queries the favorite icon of current webpage. Mac only
WebView.Scrollbar.getHorizontalMaximum Queries maximum value for horizontal scrollbar. Mac only
WebView.Scrollbar.getHorizontalPosition Queries current value for horizontal scrollbar. Mac only
WebView.Scrollbar.getVerticalMaximum Queries maximum value for vertical scrollbar. Mac only
WebView.Scrollbar.getVerticalPosition Queries current value for vertical scrollbar. Mac only
WebView.Scrollbar.set Scrolls to the given coordinates. Mac only
WebView.SelectedText Queries text of current selection. Mac/Win/iOS
XL.Date.DoubleToTimeStamp Converts a timestamp number to a timestamp value. All
XL.Date.TimeStampToDouble Converts a date to a numeric value for writing in a number cell. All
XL.Sheet.CellReadDate Reads a number value from a cell. All
XL.Sheet.CellWriteDate Writes a number into cell. All

175 functions.

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