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New in version 5.1

Name Description Mac/Win
Addressbook.multivalue.addAddress Adds an address and its label to a multivalue list. Mac/iOS
Clipboard.GetFiles Queries file paths on the clipboard. Mac/Win/iOS
Clipboard.SetFiles Puts a list of file paths on the clipboard. Mac/Win/iOS
Dictionary.AddSQL Adds values to a dictionary via SQL. All
Dictionary.SetVariables Creates variables with given keys and value from dictionary. All
Dictionary.ValueTypeForKey Queries data type of the value for the key. All
Dictionary.Values Returns list with all values as text. All
DynaPDF.EditTemplate Prepares a template for editing. All
DynaPDF.EditTemplate2 Opens a template for editing. All
DynaPDF.FontInfo Retrieves the most important properties of a font. All
DynaPDF.GetInPrintSettings Retrieves the print settings of the current open import file. All
DynaPDF.GetPrintSettings Retrieves the currently defined print settings of the document. All
DynaPDF.GetTemplCount Returns the number of templates used by a page. All
DynaPDF.SetFieldFont Sets or changes the font of a form field. All
DynaPDF.SetFieldFontEx Sets or replaces the font of a field. All
DynaPDF.SetPrintSettings Adds preferred print settings to the PDF file. All
DynaPDF.SysFontInfo Returns the most important properties of a system font. All
EnvironmentVariables.ClearValue Clears a variable by removing it from the environment. All
EnvironmentVariables.Count Queries number of environment variables. All
EnvironmentVariables.Name Queries name of environment variable with given index. All
EnvironmentVariables.Names Queries list of environment variable names. All
EnvironmentVariables.SetValue Sets an environment variable. All
EnvironmentVariables.Value Queries value of an environment variable. All
FM.Argument Query an argument passed to FileMaker from command line. All
FM.ArgumentCount Queries number of arguments. All
FM.CurrentScriptID Queries ID of current running FileMaker script. All
FM.CurrentScriptName Queries name of current script. All
FM.CurrentThreadID Queries current thread ID. All
FM.DisableMouseWheel Disables use of mouse wheel on Windows. Win only
FM.EnableMouseWheel Enables use of mouse wheel on Windows. Win only
FM.InsertRecord Inserts a new record in a table in one line. All
FM.InsertRecordQuery Inserts a lot of records queried from a database. All
FM.IsMainThread Checks if current thread is main thread. All
FM.MainThreadID Queries main thread ID. All
FM.NULL Returns a null value. All
FM.SQL.Execute Execute the SQL Statement against a FileMaker database. All
FM.SQL.Field Queries field value for given position in result. All
FM.SQL.FieldCount Queries number of fields. All
FM.SQL.FieldType Queries field type for given position in result. All
FM.SQL.Release Releases memory used for the SQL result. All
FM.SQL.RowCount Queries number of rows in the result. All
FM.ScriptIDForScriptName Queries the ID for script with given name. All
FM.ScriptNameForScriptID Queries script name for a script ID. All
FM.ScriptNames Queries list of script names in current file. All
Files.Mount Mounts a network share. Mac/Win/Linux
Files.Unmount Unmount a volume. Mac/Win/Linux
Folders.UserTrash Queries trash folder location for current user. Mac/Win
FontManager.ListFontFamilies Queries a list of font families. Mac/Win
FontManager.ListFonts Queries list of all fonts or list of fonts of a family. Mac/Win
GMImage.NewImagesFromContainer Loads a picture from the given container. All
GMImage.NewImagesFromFile Loads a picture file with several files. All
ListDialog.AddSQL Adds items via SQL statement. Mac/Win
MarkDown.CSS Queries CSS for the markdown. All
MarkDown.Create Creates a new MarkDown convert object with given markdown code. All
MarkDown.HTML Queries html for the markdown. All
MarkDown.Release Releases the mark down object. All
OCR.SetResolution Set the resolution of the source image in pixels per inch. All
Plugin.GetSuccessReturn Queries current OK return. All
Plugin.SetFunctions Sets the function list the plugin has. All
Plugin.SetPreviewSize Sets which size plugin uses for preview images. All
Plugin.SetSuccessReturn Sets what the plugin returns on success. All
QuickList.AddSQL Adds values to a quick list via SQL. All
RegEx.FindMatches Finds in a text all matches of a given pattern and returns list. All
RichText.GeneratePDF Generates a PDF from the current rich text document. Mac only
RichText.WritePDF Write the current rich text document to a PDF file. Mac only
SQL.FetchPos Fetches a row from a result set. All
SQL.GetFieldNameList Queries list of field names. All
SQL.GetFieldValue Returns field's value. All
SQL.GetFieldValueList Queries list of field values. All
SQL.GetParamNameList Queries list of parameter names. All
SQL.GetParamValue Returns param's value. All
SQL.GetParamValueList Queries list of parameter values. All
SQL.SetParamTypesValues Sets all parameters for a query in one call. All
SQL.SetParamValue Sets parameter's value. All
SQL.SetParamValues Sets all parameters for a query in one call. All
SerialPort.ClearDataAvailableHandler Clears the data available handler. Mac/Win
SerialPort.SetDataAvailableHandler Sets the data available handler for this serial port. Mac/Win
Socket.Check Performs the socket event check. All
Socket.CheckAll Checks status of all sockets. All
Text.CapitalCase Converts text to capital case letters. All
Text.LowerCase Converts text to lower case letters. All
Text.RemoveControlCharacters Removes control characters. All
Text.UpperCase Converts text to upper case letters. All
Twain.GetPaper Queries the paper to use. Mac/Win
Twain.SetPaper Requests to use a certain paper. Mac/Win
Twain.SetPaperSize Requests a page size in inches. Mac/Win
UnZipFile.UsePassword Sets the password to use for uncompressing. Mac/Win/iOS
WebView.InstallMultiFileOpenDialog Installs support to the WebViewer for multiple file selections. Mac only
XL.CopyContent Copies all content from one book to other book. All
XL.Sheet.GetPrintArea Gets the print area. All
XL.Sheet.GetPrintRepeatCols Gets repeated columns on each page from colFirst to colLast. All
XL.Sheet.GetPrintRepeatRows Gets repeated rows on each page from rowFirst to rowLast. All
XL.Sheet.SetAutoFitArea Sets the borders for autofit column widths feature. All
ZipFile.UsePassword Sets the password to use for compressing. Mac/Win/iOS

115 functions.

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