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Component: EmailParser

Functions to parse emails and extract text, addresses and attachments.

Use CURL functions to query POP and IMAP servers to obtain the email content or load it from eml/emlx files.

You can send or receive emails with our CURL functions. For sending the SendMail functions help to build an email and send it, while EmailParser functions help to parse an email.

Name Description Mac/Win Version
EmailParser.Address Queries an address value. All 5.3
EmailParser.AddressCount Queries number of addresses. All 5.3
EmailParser.Attachment Queries an attachment property. All 5.3
EmailParser.AttachmentCount Queries number of attachments. All 5.3
EmailParser.Free Frees the email parser. All 5.3
EmailParser.HTMLText Queries html text of email. All 5.3
EmailParser.HTMLToPlainText Converts HTML to plain text. All 5.3
EmailParser.HasHeader Checks if header exists. All 7.4
EmailParser.Hash Returns a SHA512 hash for the email source parsed. All 5.4
EmailParser.Header Queries a header entry. All 5.3
EmailParser.HeaderCount Queries number of header entries. All 5.3
EmailParser.HeaderValue Queries header value by header name. All 7.4
EmailParser.Inline Queries an inline graphics property. All 5.3
EmailParser.InlineCount Queries number of inline images. All 5.3
EmailParser.List Lists all email parser reference numbers. All 5.3
EmailParser.MessageID Queries the message ID of the email. All 5.3
EmailParser.Parse Parses an email. All 5.3
EmailParser.ParseContainer Parses an email stored in container. All 6.3
EmailParser.ParseFile Parses an email from a file. All 5.3
EmailParser.PlainText Queries plain text of email. All 5.3
EmailParser.ProcessImageReferences Processes image references in HTML. All 6.3
EmailParser.ReceiveDate Queries the date and time of the email. All 6.4
EmailParser.SentDate Queries the date and time of the email. All 5.4
EmailParser.Source Returns the source of the email as we parsed it. All 5.4
EmailParser.SourceWithoutAttachments Returns the source of the email without attachments. All 5.4
EmailParser.Subject Queries the subject line of the email. All 5.3
EmailParser.WriteAttachment Writes an attachment to a file path. All 5.3
EmailParser.WriteInline Writes an inline graphics to a file path. All 5.3

28 functions.

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