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Component: JavaScript

Run Javascript without Webviewer.

Supported for iOS with MBS Plugin 7.5 or newer.

Name Description Mac/Win Version
JavaScript.CheckScriptSyntax Checks script syntax. Mac/iOS 5.4
JavaScript.EvaluateScript Evaluate a string of JavaScript code. Mac/iOS 5.4
JavaScript.GetProperty Queries property value as text. Mac/iOS 5.4
JavaScript.HasProperty Checks if a property is defined. Mac/iOS 5.4
JavaScript.New Creates a new javascript context. Mac/iOS 5.4
JavaScript.RegisterEvaluateFunction Registers evaluate function. Mac/iOS 5.4
JavaScript.RegisterFunction Registers a javascript function. Mac/iOS 5.4
JavaScript.RegisterRunScriptFunction Registers a run script function. Mac/iOS 5.4
JavaScript.RegisterSQLQueryFunction Registers a SQLQuery function. Mac/iOS 5.4
JavaScript.Release Releases a javascript context. Mac/iOS 5.4
JavaScript.SetProperty Sets property value. Mac/iOS 5.4

11 functions.

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