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Component: Plugin

Central plugin management functions.

Name Description Mac/Win Version
ClearRegistration Clears registration details stored with StoreRegistration. All 3.0
CompileDate Returns the date the plug-in was compiled. All 1.0
CompileTime The time of day that the plug-in was compiled. All 1.0
Is64bit Checks if platform is 64bit or 32bit. All 5.0
IsClient Checks if plugin is running on a client. All 4.3
IsError Checks whether last plugin function returned error. All 3.4
IsIOS Whether we run on iOS. All 6.1
IsIOSDevice Queries whether run on iOS device. All 8.0
IsIOSSimulator Queries whether run on iOS simulator. All 8.0
IsLinux Whether we run on Linux. All 6.1
IsMacOSX Whether we run on Mac. All 6.1
IsMobile Whether plugin runs on a mobile target. All 7.2
IsRegistered Queries if plugin is registered with Complete key. All 3.0
IsRuntime Checks if plugin is running on a runtime. All 4.3
IsServer Checks if plugin is running on a server. All 4.3
IsWindows Whether we run on Windows. All 6.1
Platform Returns what platform the plugin is running on. All 3.0
Plugin.BuildNumber Queries the build number of the plugin. All 5.0
Plugin.DisableFunction Disables a plugin function. All 2.8
Plugin.FunctionCount Queries number of functions available. All 7.2
Plugin.Functions Returns a list of all the functions in the plugin. All 1.0
Plugin.GetSuccessReturn Queries current OK return. All 5.1
Plugin.LibSSHVersion Queries the SSH library version used. All 6.2
Plugin.LicenseeName Queries licensee name. All 8.3
Plugin.LimitFunction Limits a function. All 5.4
Plugin.LockFunction Locks a function with a password. All 5.4
Plugin.OpenSSLVersion Queries OpenSSL Version. All 6.2
Plugin.PNGVersion Queries PNG version. All 7.3
Plugin.Path Queries the native file path to the plugin. All 3.3
Plugin.ScriptStepParameter Queries script step parameter with given index. All 7.2
Plugin.ScriptStepParameterCount Queries number of parameters to the current script step. All 7.2
Plugin.Seats Queries the internal seats value. All 1.6
Plugin.SetFunctions Sets the function list the plugin has. All 5.1
Plugin.SetPreviewSize Sets which size plugin uses for preview images. All 5.1
Plugin.SetSuccessReturn Sets what the plugin returns on success. All 5.1
Plugin.UnlockFunction Unlocks a locked function. All 5.4
Plugin.UsedFunctions Queries used functions. All 8.3
Plugin.ZLibVersion Queries zlib version number. All 8.1
Plugin.isDebug Checks whether this is debug version of MBS Plugin. All 7.1
Register This function is used to register the Plugin. All 1.0
Registration Returns a list of the currently registered components. All 1.0
StoreRegistration Stores registration on Mac in preferences file of FileMaker so the plugin can auto register itself on startup of FileMaker. All 3.0
Trace Starts logging all plugin calls to a text file. All 2.4
Trace.AreErrorNotificationsEnabled Checks whether error notifications are enabled. Mac only 5.0
Trace.DisableErrorNotifications Disables error notifications. Mac only 5.0
Trace.EnableErrorNotifications Enable error notifications. Mac only 5.0
Trace.ErrorsOnly Limits logging to errors only. All 3.5
Trace.Off Disables tracing. All 3.3
Version Useful for doing auto-updates from server and version checking. All 1.0
VersionAutoUpdate Returns the version in the auto update format. e.g. 02040028 All 2.4

50 functions.

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