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Component: RegEx

Regular expressions like in Perl.

Name Description Mac/Win Version
RegEx.CaptureCount Queries number of captured sub patterns. All 4.4
RegEx.Compile Compiles a pattern. All 4.4
RegEx.Execute Executes a statement. All 4.4
RegEx.FindMatches Finds in a text all matches of a given pattern and returns list. All 5.1
RegEx.Free Frees memory for a regular expression. All 4.4
RegEx.List Returns list of all regex IDs. All 5.3
RegEx.Match Matches a text against to a pattern. All 4.4
RegEx.MatchList Matches a list against a pattern. All 4.4
RegEx.MinimumLength Queries the minimum length of the text to match. All 4.4
RegEx.NameCount Queries number of names. All 4.4
RegEx.NamedSubstring Queries the named substring. All 4.4
RegEx.Options Queries the options to used when compiling the pattern. All 4.4
RegEx.Pattern Queries the pattern used to compile this regular expression. All 4.4
RegEx.Quote Quotes text for use in patterns. All 7.5
RegEx.Replace Replace pattern once. All 7.5
RegEx.ReplaceAll Replaces patterns. All 7.5
RegEx.Results Queries the result from execute. All 4.4
RegEx.Size Queries size of compiled pattern. All 4.4
RegEx.StringNumber Queries the index number of a name. All 4.4
RegEx.Study Studies the regular expression for improved execution speed. All 4.4
RegEx.Substring Queries a substring. All 4.4
RegEx.SubstringList Returns list of substrings. All 4.4
RegEx.Version Returns the version number of the PCRE library. All 4.4

23 functions.

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