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Component: StoreKit

In-app purchases in the Mac/iOS App Store

Name Description Mac/Win Version
StoreKit.AddPayment Adds a new payment to the transaction query. Mac/iOS 8.2
StoreKit.CanMakePayments Indicates whether the user is allowed to make payments. Mac/iOS 8.2
StoreKit.FinishTransaction Completes a pending transaction. Mac/iOS 8.2
StoreKit.InvalidProductIdentifiers Queries invalid product identifiers. Mac/iOS 8.2
StoreKit.IsProductViewVisible Whether the product view dialog is visible. Mac/iOS 8.2
StoreKit.ProductQueryRunning Wether a product query is running. Mac/iOS 8.2
StoreKit.Products Queries product list. Mac/iOS 8.2
StoreKit.QueryProducts Queries products. Mac/iOS 8.2
StoreKit.RequestReview Shows review dialog. iOS 8.2
StoreKit.RestoreCompletedTransactions Asks the payment queue to restore previously completed purchases. Mac/iOS 8.2
StoreKit.SetProductViewFinishedTrigger Sets trigger for product view. iOS 8.2
StoreKit.SetRestoreCompletedTransactionsTrigger Sets script triggered when transactions are restored. Mac/iOS 8.2
StoreKit.SetUpdatedTransactionsTrigger Sets the script to trigger when transactions change. Mac/iOS 8.2
StoreKit.ShowProductView Shows a new product screen to display. iOS 8.2
StoreKit.Transactions Returns an array of pending transactions as JSON. Mac/iOS 8.2

15 functions.

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