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New in version 7.4

Name Description Mac/Win
AVAsset.TrackInfo Queries track details. Mac/iOS
CoreImage.Detect Detects core image features. Mac only
Debugger.BringToFront Brings the debugger window to front. Mac only
Debugger.CallStack Queries current call stack from debugger panel. Mac only
Debugger.IsVisible Checks whether debugger is visible. Mac only
Debugger.Title Queries title of debugger panel. Mac only
Debugger.Window Queries window ID for the debugger. Mac only
DirectoryWatcher.ReleaseAll Releases all directory watchers. Win only
DynaPDF.WriteFTextExRotated Writes text on current page with formatting commands. All
DynaPDF.WriteStyledTextExRotated Writes styled text on current page. All
SQL.SQLite3.MemoryHighwater Queries maximum memory usage so far. All
SQL.SQLite3.MemoryUsed Queries memory in use by SQLite. All
ScriptWorkspace.BringToFront Brings the script window to front. Mac only
ScriptWorkspace.CurrentTab Queries current tab title. Mac only
ScriptWorkspace.ExpandScriptFolders Expands all scripts in the script workspace. Mac only
ScriptWorkspace.IsVisible Checks whether script workspace is visible. Mac only
ScriptWorkspace.LineCount Queries line count of current script. Mac only
ScriptWorkspace.OpenScript Opens a script by name. Mac only
ScriptWorkspace.ScriptNames Queries list of script names in script workspace. Mac only
ScriptWorkspace.SelectLine Selects a line in current script. Mac only
ScriptWorkspace.SelectedLine Queries selected line. Mac only
ScriptWorkspace.Tabs Queries list of tabs in script workspace. Mac only
ScriptWorkspace.Title Queries title of front script workspace. Mac only
ScriptWorkspace.Window Queries window ID for the script workspace. Mac only
Webview.ClearSelection Clears selection. Mac/Win
Webview.Copy Copies current text selection to clipboard. Mac/Win/iOS
Webview.Cut Cuts current text selection. Mac/Win/iOS
Webview.Paste Pastes text from clipboard. Mac/Win/iOS
Webview.SelectAll Selects all text in web viewer. Mac/Win/iOS

29 functions.

Older Version 7.3  

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