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New in version 8.4

Name Description Mac/Win
AVRecorder.SetScreenInput Sets video input to screen. Mac only
App.ClearTouchBar Clears a TouchBar assigned to the app. Mac only
Bonjour.Browse Starts browse for given type. Mac/Win
Bonjour.JSON Query current results as JSON. Mac/Win
Bonjour.Register Register a service. Mac/Win/iOS
Bonjour.RegisteredName Queries registered name. Mac/Win/iOS
CNContact.AddEmailAddress Adds an email address to a contact. Mac/iOS
CNContact.AddInstantMessage Adds an instant message account to a contact. Mac/iOS
CNContact.AddInstantMessageJSON Adds an instant message account to a contact with JSON. Mac/iOS
CNContact.AddPhoneNumber Adds an phone number to a contact. Mac/iOS
CNContact.AddPostalAddress Adds an postal address to a contact. Mac/iOS
CNContact.AddPostalAddressJSON Adds an postal address to a contact with JSON. Mac/iOS
CNContact.AddRelation Adds an relation to a contact. Mac/iOS
CNContact.AddSocialProfile Adds an social profile to a contact. Mac/iOS
CNContact.AddSocialProfileJSON Adds an social profile to a contact with JSON. Mac/iOS
CNContact.AddURLAddress Adds an URL address to a contact. Mac/iOS
CNContact.EditInAddressbook Launches Contacts application to edit this person. Mac only
CNContact.JSON Queries contact as JSON. Mac/iOS
CNContact.MailingAddress Queries mailing address for contact. Mac/iOS
CNContact.Name Queries display name of contact. Mac/iOS
CNContact.SetValue Sets the value of a contact. Mac/iOS
CNContact.ShowInAddressbook Launches Contacts application to show this person. Mac only
CNContact.Value Queries the value of contact. Mac/iOS
CNContactStore.AddContact Adds a new contact to the database. Mac/iOS
CNContactStore.AddGroup Adds a new group. Mac/iOS
CNContactStore.AddMember Add a new member to a group. Mac/iOS
CNContactStore.AddSubgroup Adds a group to an existing group. Mac only
CNContactStore.AuthorizationError Queries error message. Mac/iOS
CNContactStore.AuthorizationStatus Queries authorization status. Mac/iOS
CNContactStore.ContactsInContainer Queries list of contacts in a container. Mac/iOS
CNContactStore.ContactsInGroup Queries contacts in the group. Mac/iOS
CNContactStore.ContactsMatchingName Queries matching contacts for a name. Mac/iOS
CNContactStore.ContactsWithData Creates contacts for vCard data. Mac/iOS
CNContactStore.ContainerForContact Queries container for a contact. Mac/iOS
CNContactStore.ContainerForGroup Queries container for a group. Mac/iOS
CNContactStore.Country Returns ISO code for users country. Mac/iOS
CNContactStore.DataWithContacts Queries data for contacts. Mac/iOS
CNContactStore.DefaultContainerIdentifier The identifier of the default container. Mac/iOS
CNContactStore.DeleteContact Delete a contact from the contact store. Mac/iOS
CNContactStore.DeleteGroup Deletes a group. Mac/iOS
CNContactStore.Groups Queries list of all groups. Mac/iOS
CNContactStore.GroupsInContainer Queries all groups in a given container. Mac/iOS
CNContactStore.NewContact Creates new empty contact. Mac/iOS
CNContactStore.RemoveMember Remove a member from a group. Mac/iOS
CNContactStore.RemoveSubgroup Removes a subgroup from a group. Mac/iOS
CNContactStore.RenameGroup Renames the group. Mac/iOS
CNContactStore.RequestAccesss Request access to the user's contacts. Mac/iOS
CNContactStore.SetChangeScript Sets the script to trigger on changes by other applications. Mac/iOS
CNContactStore.Subgroups Queries subgroups of a group. Mac/iOS
CNContactStore.UnifiedMeContact Queries ID of the your contact. Mac/iOS
CNContactStore.UpdateContact Updates a contact. Mac/iOS
CNContainer.Name The name of the container. Mac/iOS
CNContainer.Type Queries type of container. Mac/iOS
CNGroup.Name Queries group name. Mac/iOS
Container.ReadImage Reads and convert image. Mac only
FM.InsertOrUpdateRecordQuery Insert or updates a lot of records queried from a database. All
GMImage.Coders Lists all coders as JSON. All
NetworkInterfaces.JSON Returns all network interfaces as JSON. Mac/Linux/iOS
QLPreviewPanel.AddContainer Adds an container to the list of files to preview. Mac/iOS
QLPreviewPanel.CurrentPreviewItemIndex Queries index of current visible item. Mac/iOS
QLPreviewPanel.CurrentPreviewItemPath Queries path of current item. Mac/iOS
QLPreviewPanel.CurrentPreviewItemTitle Queries title of current item. Mac/iOS
QLPreviewPanel.SetCurrentPreviewItemIndex Sets index of current element. Mac/iOS
SystemInfo.isMojave Whether the operation system is Mac OS X 10.14 Mojave or newer. All
Webview.AllCookies Returns all website cookies as JSON. Mac/iOS
Window.ClearTouchBar Clears a TouchBar assigned to a window. Mac only

66 functions.

Older Version 8.3  

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