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New in version 7.2

Name Description Mac/Win
CURL.ReceiveData Receives raw data on a connection. All
CURL.ReceiveText Receives raw data on a connection as text. All
CURL.SendData Sends raw data over a connection. All
CURL.SendText Sends raw data with text over a connection. All
CURL.SetOptionConnectOnly Connect only. All
CURL.SetupAWS Setup CURL to transfer to Amazon Webservices. All
CURL.UseSystemCertificates Read certificate from system and installs them in CURL session,. Mac/Win
Container.GetText Returns the text value of the container data. All
Dialog.GetButtonPressed Queries index of selected button. Mac/Win
DynaPDF.ChangeSeparationColor Changes the color of a separation color space. All
DynaPDF.RenameSpotColor Renames a spot color. All
Events.RecurrenceRule.Description Returns short description text for debugging. Mac/iOS
Files.SetCreationDate Sets the file creation date. Mac/Win/iOS
Files.SetModificationDate Sets the file modification date. All
Folders.UserPictures Queries path to user’s picture folder. Mac/iOS
IsMobile Whether plugin runs on a mobile target. All
Notification.UnlistenAll Stops listening to all notifications. Mac/Win
PDFKit.AddImageFilePage Adds a new page to PDF document with given image file. Mac/iOS
Plugin.FunctionCount Queries number of functions available. All
Plugin.ScriptStepParameter Queries script step parameter with given index. All
Plugin.ScriptStepParameterCount Queries number of parameters to the current script step. All
QuickList.AddMultiValue Adds a value or list to the list. All
Registry.CreateKey Creates a new registry key. Win only
Registry.DeleteKey Deletes a key in the registry. Win only
Registry.DeleteTree Deletes a key with all sub keys. Win only
Registry.DeleteValue Deletes a value from a registry key. Win only
Registry.FlushKey Writes changes to disk. Win only
Registry.GetValue Queries value of key’s value. Win only
Registry.GetValueType Queries type of a value. Win only
Registry.ListKeys Lists all sub keys of a key. Win only
Registry.ListValues Queries list of value names of a key. Win only
Registry.SetValue Sets a value on a registry key. Win only
Socket.ClearNewConnectionHandler Clears the new connection handler. All
SyntaxColoring.GetMinCalcFontSize Queries configured minimum font size. Mac only
SyntaxColoring.SetMinCalcFontSize Sets the minimum text size to apply for calculations. Mac only
SyntaxColoring.ZoomButton.GetEnabled Queries whether zoom controls are enabled. Mac only
SyntaxColoring.ZoomButton.SetEnabled Sets enabled state for zoom controls. Mac only
Text.Length Query length of text. All
UNNotification.Action Queries identifier of action. iOS
UNNotification.AddUserInfo Adds user info. iOS
UNNotification.Badge Queries badge number. iOS
UNNotification.Body Queries the body of the notification. iOS
UNNotification.CategoryIdentifier Queries the category identifier. iOS
UNNotification.Date Queries the date displayed on the notification. iOS
UNNotification.DeliveredNotifications Queries list of delivered notifications. iOS
UNNotification.Identifier Queries identifier. iOS
UNNotification.IsRegisteredForRemoteNotifications Checks whether we can get remote notifications. iOS
UNNotification.LaunchImageName Queries launch image name. iOS
UNNotification.New Creates a new notification. iOS
UNNotification.NextTriggerDate Quereis next trigger date. iOS
UNNotification.NotificationSettings Checks notification settings. iOS
UNNotification.PendingNotificationRequests Queries list of pending notifications. iOS
UNNotification.Region Queries region of location based trigger. iOS
UNNotification.Release Release reference to notification. iOS
UNNotification.ReleaseAll Releases all notifications. iOS
UNNotification.RemoteNotificationsDeviceToken Queries device token. iOS
UNNotification.RemoteNotificationsError Queries the error from remote notification registration. iOS
UNNotification.RemoveAllDeliveredNotifications Removes all delivered notifications from system. iOS
UNNotification.RemoveAllPendingNotificationRequests Removed all pending notification requests. iOS
UNNotification.RemoveDeliveredNotificationsWithIdentifiers Removes delivered notifications from system. iOS
UNNotification.RemovePendingNotificationRequestsWithIdentifiers Removed pending notification requests. iOS
UNNotification.Repeats Queries repeat status. iOS
UNNotification.Schedule Schedule notification. iOS
UNNotification.SetActionScript Sets which script to call when a notification’s action is triggered. iOS
UNNotification.SetBadge Sets the badge number. iOS
UNNotification.SetBody Sets the body of the notification. iOS
UNNotification.SetCalendarTrigger Sets a calendar based trigger. iOS
UNNotification.SetCategoryIdentifier Sets the category identifier. iOS
UNNotification.SetLaunchImageName Sets the launch image name. iOS
UNNotification.SetLocationTrigger Sets a location trigger. iOS
UNNotification.SetScript Sets which script to call when a notification is presented. iOS
UNNotification.SetSound Sets the sound to play. iOS
UNNotification.SetSubTitle Sets the subtitle of the notification. iOS
UNNotification.SetThreadIdentifier Sets thread identifier. iOS
UNNotification.SetTimeIntervalTrigger Sets a time base trigger. iOS
UNNotification.SetTitle Sets title of notification. iOS
UNNotification.SubTitle Queries subtitle of notification. iOS
UNNotification.ThreadIdentifier Queries thread identifier. iOS
UNNotification.TimeInterval Queries time interval for time based trigger. iOS
UNNotification.Title Queries title of notification. iOS
UNNotification.Type Queries type of notification. iOS
UNNotification.UserInfoKeys Queries keys for user info. iOS
UNNotification.UserInfoValue Queries value for given key in user info. iOS
Window.ShowCharacterPalette Shows the standard MacOS character palette. Mac/Win
WindowsUserNotification.Available Queries whether available. Win only
WindowsUserNotification.GetFileName Queries file name for trigger script. Win only
WindowsUserNotification.GetImagePath Queries image path. Win only
WindowsUserNotification.GetScriptName Queries script name for trigger script. Win only
WindowsUserNotification.GetText Query text to show. Win only
WindowsUserNotification.HideNotification Hides the notification. Win only
WindowsUserNotification.Initialize Initializes notification system. Win only
WindowsUserNotification.Isinitialized Queries whether windows user notifications have been initialized. Win only
WindowsUserNotification.NewNotification Creates a new notification. Win only
WindowsUserNotification.Release Releases the notification. Win only
WindowsUserNotification.SetFileName Sets the file name for script trigger. Win only
WindowsUserNotification.SetImagePath Sets image path for the image to show. Win only
WindowsUserNotification.SetScriptName Sets the script name for script trigger. Win only
WindowsUserNotification.SetText Sets the text to show. Win only
WindowsUserNotification.ShowNotification Shows the notification. Win only
WindowsUserNotification.XMLUsed Queries the XML template used for the notification. Win only
XL.Book.IsDate1904 Returns whether the 1904 date system is active. All
XL.Book.IsTemplate Returns whether the workbook is template. All
XL.Book.MoveSheet Moves a sheet. All
XL.Book.SetDate1904 Sets the date system mode. All
XL.Book.SetTemplate Sets the template flag. All
XL.Book.Version Queries version of book. All
XL.Sheet.AddIgnoredError Adds the ignored error for specified range. All
XL.Sheet.ApplyFilter Applies the AutoFilter to the sheet. All
XL.Sheet.AutoFilter Initializes the AutoFilter. All
XL.Sheet.AutoFilter.ColumnSize Returns the number of specified AutoFilter columns which have a filter information. All
XL.Sheet.AutoFilter.GetRef Gets the cell range of AutoFilter with header. All
XL.Sheet.AutoFilter.GetSort Gets the zero-based index of sorted column in AutoFilter and its sort order. All
XL.Sheet.AutoFilter.GetSortRange Gets the whole range of data to sort. All
XL.Sheet.AutoFilter.SetRef Sets the cell range of AutoFilter with header. All
XL.Sheet.AutoFilter.SetSort Sets the sorted column in AutoFilter by zero-based index and its sort order. All
XL.Sheet.CellWriteError Writes error into the cell with specified format. All
XL.Sheet.RemoveFilter Removes the AutoFilter from the sheet. All
XL.Sheet.RightToLeft Returns whether the text is displayed in right-to-left mode. All
XL.Sheet.SetProtectEx Protects/unprotects the sheet with password and enhanced parameters below. All
XL.Sheet.SetRightToLeft Sets the right-to-left mode:
Pass 1 and the text is displayed in right-to-left mode,
Pass 0 and the text is displayed in left-to-right mode. All
XL.Sheet.SetTabColor Sets the color for the sheet's tab. All
XL.Sheet.SetTabColorRGB Sets the RGB color for the sheet's tab. All
XL.Sheet.Table Gets the table parameters by index. All
XL.Sheet.TableSize Returns the number of tables in the sheet. All
XL.Sheet.Type Returns type of sheet with specified index. All
iOSDevice.BatteryLevel The battery charge level for the device. iOS
iOSDevice.BatteryState The battery state for the device. iOS
iOSDevice.IdentifierForVendor An alphanumeric string that uniquely identifies a device to the app’s vendor. iOS
iOSDevice.IsBatteryMonitoringEnabled Checks whether battery monitoring is enabled. iOS
iOSDevice.LocalizedModel The model of the device as a localized string. iOS
iOSDevice.Model The model of the device. iOS
iOSDevice.Name The name identifying the device. iOS
iOSDevice.Orientation Returns the physical orientation of the device. iOS
iOSDevice.OrientationIsLandscape Checks whether orientation is landscape. iOS
iOSDevice.OrientationIsPortrait Checks whether orientation is portrait. iOS
iOSDevice.SetBatteryMonitoringEnabled Changes battery monitoring state. iOS
iOSDevice.SystemName The name of the operating system running on the device represented by the receiver. iOS
iOSDevice.SystemVersion The current version of the operating system. iOS
iOSDevice.UserInterfaceIdiom The style of interface to use on the current device. iOS

140 functions.

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